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CBE 179 Lectures[edit]

All recorded lectures are available on this YouTube playlist.

Other Lectures[edit]

Chris Mack, a professor at UT Austin, has placed his entire semiconductor manufacturing course online:

"CHE 323 - Chemical Processes for Micro- and Nanofabrication" - CHE 232 Course Website - CHE 232 YouTube Lectures

Books on Semiconductors[edit]

Device Physics[edit]

Chenming Hu, UC Berkeley professor and inventor of the FINFET, published an excellent book on device physics in 2010 entitled "Modern Semiconductor Devices for Integrated Circuits":

Older editions of Simon Sze's Physics of Semiconductor Devices are also available:

B. Van Zeghbroeck maintained "Principles of Semiconductor Devices", an online textbook of great breadth and depth, but it does not appear to be maintained.

Semiconductor History[edit]

Dr. Graves mentioned a book, "Crystal Fire", on the history of the transistor:

Semiconductor News and Trade Journals[edit]

If you need more semiconductors in your life, the latest issue of Semiconductor Today, a trade journal, is out: (also available as a PDF).

The first 50-60 pages are usually industry news: discussions of mergers, acquisitions, intellectual property, and economic forecasts that would probably mean something if you were in the industry.

The next 20-30 pages are the good stuff: "Technology Focus" articles on new research and development in photovoltaics, lasers, thin films, etching, CVD, and novel materials. As we continue to talk about litho and etch, these articles will become more understandable with fewer and fewer Wikipedia searches. This could be a good source of a topic for the term paper (to be announced). I have saved the PDFs of most backissues to Google Drive.

Semiconductor Wikis[edit]

ChemWiki: Electronic Structure



Semiconductor Processing Overview[edit]

YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Semiconductor Manufacturing Overview

Silicon Run, a video series that provides a (somewhat dated) overview of the semiconductor manufacturing process, is available on YouTube.

Activated Processes[edit]

YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Activated Processes

Silicon Oxidation[edit]

YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Silicon Oxidation

Thin Film Characterization[edit]

YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Thin Film Characterization

Chemical Vapor Deposition[edit]

YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Chemical Vapor Deposition

YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Atomic Layer Deposition

Plasma Treatment[edit]

YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Plasma Surface Treatment

Ion Implantation[edit]

YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Ion Implantation


YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Lithography


YouTube Playlist: CBE 179 - Device Physics