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Please make sure to read and understand the syllabus; if you have any questions, talk to Dr. Graves during his office hours.

This is a synthesis course—you will be asked to take the fundamental knowledge you have accrued from your previous engineering coursework and apply it to new knowledge about semiconductors and plasma physics to synthesize an understanding of these processes. This means that the course has a tendency to jump around—bear with us. The second half of the course will focus mostly on plasma processing and will have more coherence.


Lectures MWF 9:10-10:00; Barrows 122
Class Instructor David Graves
Office 101D Gilman
Phone 510-642-2214
Office hours M 3-5; T 3-4 or by appt.
GSI Brandon Curtis
Office D 85 Tan Hall
Email Please use bCourses Messaging
Office hours Th 3-4 or by appt.
Text There is no required text; some reading will be assigned
Purpose This course covers thin film device process technology, with an emphasis on plasma for both thin film materials and biomedical applications. No background is assumed for this course beyond general upper division engineering, mathematics and science.
Grading Homework assignments (10) — 15%
Midterm exams (2) — 40%
Term paper (10 pages) — 20%
Final exam (multiple choice) — 25%

Course Topics[edit]

  1. Introduction to thin films, semiconductor manufacturing, solid state physics and devices.
  2. Gas kinetic theory and vacuum technology
  3. Silicon oxidation: Deal-Grave model
  4. Chemical vapor deposition
  5. Lithography and pattern transfer
  6. Introduction to plasma science
  7. Plasma diagnostics: Langmuir probes, mass spectrometry, and optical spectroscopies.
  8. Introduction to plasma modeling and analysis.
  9. Introduction to plasma biomedicine: wound healing, infected tissue and cancer treatment.
  10. Special topics



To keep grading reasonable for Brandon, keep your homework neat—this may mean using some scratch paper to work out the answer, then copying it over to a fresh sheet. If your work is a mess and he can't follow it, he can't give you proper credit for your work.

Term Paper[edit]

The term paper is due the last day of class, Friday December 5, and will be formally assigned on November 21. The topic may be chosen with consent of instructor. Details will be provided later in the course.

Don't plagiarize. The term paper must be an original piece of work; plagiarized papers will receive zero credit.

Course Evaluations[edit]

Please participate in the course evaluation at the end of the semester. Evaluations provide valuable feedback for the instructor and are important for ABET accreditation of Berkeley's engineering program.

(Approximate) Course Schedule[edit]

Date Topic Homework
F 8/29 Course outline; introduction HW1
M 9/1 Labor Day no lecture
W 9/3 Intro device physics
F 9/5 Intro device physics HW 2
M 9/8 Gas kinetic theory & Vacuum Tech
W 9/10 Gas kin thry & Vac Tech
F 9/12 Gas kin thry & Vac Tech HW 3
M 9/15 Gas kin thry & Vac Tech
W 9/17 Deal-Grove Si Oxidation
F 9/19 Deal-Grove Si Oxidation HW 4
M 9/22 Deal-Grove Si Oxidation
W 9/24 CVD
F 9/26 CVD HW 5
M 9/29 CVD
W 10/1 review for midterm 1
F 10/3 midterm 1
M 10/6 CVD
W 10/8 Litho
F 10/10 Litho HW 6
M 10/13 Litho
W 10/15 Adv. Litho
F 10/17 Intro. Plasma HW 7
M 10/20 Intro. plasma
Date Topic Homework
W 10/22 Plasma diagnostics
F 10/24 Plasma diag HW 8
M 10/27 Plasma diag
W 10/29 Plasma diag
F 10/31 Plasma analysis HW 9
M 11/3 review midterm 2
W 11/5 midterm 2
F 11/7 Atmospheric press. plasma
M 11/10 Atm plasma
W 11/12 Plasma analysis
F 11/14 Plasma analysis HW 10
M 11/17 Plasma analysis
W 11/19 Plasma biomedicine
F 11/21 Plasma biomed; term papers assigned
M 11/24 Plasma biomed
W 11/26 Special topic
F 11/28 Thanksgiving – no lecture
M 12/1 Special topic
W 12/3 Special topic
F 12/5 summary; course evals; term paper due
M 12/8-12 R&R week
Final exam: Th., Dec. 18, 7:00-10:00 pm