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Semiconductor Researchers[edit]

Dr. Graves mentioned that Berkeley has a plethora of researchers working on lithography. To list just a few:

  • Andrew Neureuther, EECS - "simulation of optical, electron, ion beam and x-ray lithography; assessment of residual effects of defects and lens aberrations"
  • David Attwood, EECS - "Electromagnetics at short wavelengths, particularly soft x-ray and extreme ultraviolet radiation, x-ray optics, the generation of coherent radiation at EUV and soft x-ray wavelengths, and applications to microscopy and lithography."
  • William Oldham, EECS - "Fabrication of parallel-plate nanomirror arrays for extreme ultraviolet maskless lithography"
  • Jeffrey Bokor, EECS - "Maskless lithography using drop-on-demand inkjet printing method"
  • Avideh Zakhor, EECS - "Reduced complexity compression algorithms for direct-write maskless lithography systems"


semiconductor-related seminar series EE 298-08 and EE 298-12. The schedules are available here:

Some of these seminar topics look QUITE advanced, but some of them should be understandable and might be interesting to you:

Friday, October 24th
"Future Chip Technology Scaling for Big Data and Cloud Computing"

Friday, October 31st
"Atomic-precision Control of Single-crystalline 2D Materials & Recent Progress on Thin Film Photovoltaics in IBM"

If you've been to any of these seminars, I'd love to hear how they were. More seminars can be found on the EECS departmental calendar: